Mobile Access to Snapshot and Mobile Voting


Voting is a right and should be made as accessible as possible and allow flexible media to cast your vote. Anywhere you keep your $gzil should have an easy option to use snapshot.


Snapshot should be accessible via mobile and allow all available wallets to integrate with it in order for $gzil holders to cast their vote.


The first Zip subjected to voting is showing limitation in participation and is partly due to the inability of mobile voting. Stats show that 22% of staked $zil are on @moonlet which is a significant portion of the participants who don’t have an easy access to voting.


Snapshot to be made mobile friendly
Moonlet to integrate voting as part of the app


Amrit is already on it on this one …moonlet seem to be taking time …but agreed mobile app is much needed


I still don’t see the polls when I use the Chrome browser on my desktop.

Also, I am a user who does not want to use the Zilpay wallet, and I want to use Ledger through Zillet.

It is very inconvenient to have to vote with a wallet other than my main wallet, and I think it is not a good direction for security.

We need to support a variety of wallets (I expect to do so), and I definitely want to vote next time.


You can import the same ledger account into zilpay


I keep my funds on Zillet wallet and I voted by connecting Zillet wallet with Ledger to ZilPay. I didn’t know I could do it, but there was a short video on Twitter explaining the procedure and it was quite simple.

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