Troubleshooting request

Every time I try to send gzil from my moonlet wallet to my zilpay address, it gets dropped. Is there a reason and a fix for this?

I think i know the reason for this …there is a flaw/bug on the moonlet wallet when you request to send zil or gZil from your mobile wallet …the beginning of the address has http:// tag infront of the address which needs to be deleted…so check the address completely

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Following up, I was still unable to vote after this (while able to get hte gZIL to ZilPay.
Even with my ZilPay wallet connected and confirmed by seeing the address in the top right of the window, with a balance of x Gzil in the wallet, it would still read a balance of 0 through the Snapshot portal when trying to vote. It even asked me to approve the hash for the vote with a 0 balance. Anyone aware of this bug? I was unable to get to vote :frowning:

I don’t think that’s a bug as the voting on round one is closed I believe …But if you tried before and it didn’t pick up then contact support if it needs to be addressed

And what is the support contact? Because, yes, it was while voting was still open. Thank you again.

Hey! The voting power that you have is based on the balance that your wallet have during the snapshot. Since the snapshot was taken when the proposal was created, any subsequent transfers of $gZIL IN/OUT of the wallet do not affect your voting power available.

BUT, you can connect to your wallet account with both Moonlet and ZilPay easily. That way you don’t have to transfer the $gZIL around. See:

This is really helpful. Thank you so much and, yes, it makes sense now. I was able to link my Moonlet to ZilPay - did not know about that before.