Allow gZIL staked in Pillar to count as gZIL governance votes


Currently, any gZIL that is staked in the Pillar Protocol does not get counted for snapshots for gZIL governance. This makes no sense and should be rectified at the soonest.


When gZIL is staked in Pillar Protocol, while it does count towards proposals raised under Pillar, it ceases to count in snapshots taken for gZIL governance. This means that gZIL holders will have to decide if they want to participate in Pillar Protocol or to retain the fundamental voting abilities of their gZIL tokens. They should not have to make this choice and be punished for participating in an important part of the gZIL ecosystem (Pillar)


A current gZIL proposal: Bonded gZil and The Governance Treasury #QmXjbMN is an example of how all the gZIL that is staked on Pillar Protocol has been excluded from being able to vote. If this is not rectified, then it will act as a disincentive to participate in Pillar Protocol, which only leads to less utilisation within the ZIL ecosystem.


Allow gZIL staked in the Pillar Protocol to count as valid gZIL which can be used for voting, at the time of snapshots. This way, it will not matter if gZIL is in a wallet or participating in Pillar Protocol or any other contract (for instance, the upcoming Torch wallet staking). gZIL holders will (unless specifically called out in advance) be able to vote using their gZIL, no matter where it is held. This is how it should be.

  • Allow staked gZIL to count for voting in gZIL governance proposals
  • Do nothing

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@junhaotan @MilanZilliqa

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Send it! :+1: :+1: :+1:

@Gandalf : Thanks for setting this up. :pray:


Good to see community participating more in governance with proposals like these!

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Now we can vote. Thanks everyone who helped make this possible.
Explanation (Twitter):
Link for gZIL holders staking in Pillar: Snapshot

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Thanks for the proposal. I am supportive of this proposal

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Some food for thought.

  1. Where shall this proposal be posted? On Pillar or Gzil proposal page?

  2. If posted on gZil proposal page, given the extremely low attendance in voting over the last few proposals, I expect the time frame to be around 3-6 months for this voting process to “try” & get a 20% quorum.

1-1.5 months voting will get around 35-70k #gZil votes.

What % do you think would be better to meet quorum?