Proposal to improve the UI of the governance voting system using gZil

First, in the part that displays the voting agenda, it is a screen as if the system stopped while loading the voting agenda.
After some time (about 5 seconds) the text is visible, but at that moment I am confused.
I wish it was more friendly with a message such as’now loding…’ on this gray boxed UI.

Second, I think it’s going on right now, but I think it should be able to vote directly using ledger wallets other than the Zilpay wallet.

I have got many contents about how to connect to the Zilpay wallet (it was actually successful), but I failed the last vote, and many people may not have spoken publicly about this inconvenience.
Although Zilpay is a good software, I personally do not want to use various apps.

For example, it is possible to stake by connecting directly to Ledger at

Completely support the integration of ledger into goverance voting system