gZIL delegation (round 3)


I’d like to try again to get a quorum of support for gZIL delegation.


So, tjhis proposal: Snapshot

Got a majority of the votes, but only 83% of quorum.

I’d like to try again, if that seems good to the group:

  • There was a majority in favour.
  • gZIL delegation is felt to be key to enabling votes to achieve quorum in the first place.
  • There were no suggestions posted as to how to improve the proposal, so I submit that I can’t follow the advice in ZIP-12 to make adjustments to help the vote pass.

This time I’ll open the vote for a month and we’ll see if we can get enough support to implement.

Objections/questions/suggestions - please post them below! In particular if you voted against the proposal and have some suggestions as to how to improve it.

Note that gZIL delegation in no way precludes setting up funds or DAOs or anything similar - it only affects gZIL votes themselves.

  • Yes - reopen the vote.
  • No - let’s not do gZIL delegation at all

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From the psychological point of view:
If the user does not care enough to vote for the proposals what makes you think that he will take time to delegate where there is 0 monetary incentive for him/her?

In my opinion the delegation should happen automatically (eg delegating user inactive gzil in equal parts to the trusted parties) and giving an option for user to opt out or make his own delegation.

But IMHO expecting forgotten gzil wallets to make a delegation when they dont even bother to vote is a wishful thinking.


Well, I must be bloody thick or this whole construct is Zilliqa’s best kept secret. I did not even know this ‘community’ existed, let alone that we were being asked to vote on things.
For the record I have been invested in ZIL since 2017 and staking since 2018 … I have a few gZIL (wish I had offloaded them long ago) andactually take governance rather seriously.

I now received emails about Zilliqa 2.0 and reducing inflation… PoS is a bad can of worms and it is my opinion any layer one going that route is going to face a lot of head winds in the medium term.

Where can one see the proposals, the description on how the ‘voting’ happens etc. Also how do I set up to receive notifications on new proposals? Or is this a ‘check in every day’ manual activity?


We from Ignite DAO will promote the vote as well in groups and help gZIL activity.


I think the quorum limit should go to 0.
Let those vote who truly care, even if there are 3-5% of them from the total amount.
Also, not voting deliberately is a very powerful tool which some might use when in minority to sabotage a non-desired proposal.
With no limits on quorum, they will have to vote in order to affect the voting process somehow, at least.