FAQ on Snapshot portal

What is Snapshot?:

Snapshot is a portal designed specially to decentralise ecosystem decision-making on Zilliqa. We’re pleased to share the proposed governance protocol for voting & implementing ZIPs for all $gZIL holders.

Who is eligible to vote?

$gZIL holders can vote on proposals, or create proposals themselves.

Where can I discuss proposals amongst peers and admin?

Use this Governance Forum as a discussion platform to discuss and decide if proposals can move to the formal voting phase.

What are the requirements to submit a proposal?

Users need at least 30 $gZIL in their wallet to create a proposal (if you don’t have this you can ask the moderator to submit a proposal on your behalf).

What kind of proposals can I submit?

Proposals could suggest improvements to Zilliqa infrastructure or processes. They can also apply to dApps and tokens built on Zilliqa.

What is the approval process & parameters?

ZIP-12 [TBC] suggests a minimum 20% quorum (which means it requires > 20% of the $gZIL token supply to participate in the voting process). If a majority of at least 50% of those votes voted “ FOR ” the proposal, the proposal will be passed.

How do I create a proposal on Snapshot?

How do I vote on a proposal on Snapshot?

How do I download ZilPay to start voting?

You can download ZilPay web extension here:

How do I connect my Ledger device to ZilPay?