Recent proposals GP006-GP009

Hi all,

Just to say sorry for proposal-bombing rather - these all originated at approximately the same time and are interlinked, so they got posted together; whilst they’re quite big changes, I think they’re positive for the ecosystem (improving block speed and security, controlling inflation and fixing staking bugs).

I hope they make some sort of sense - please do comment if they don’t, and happy polling - I’m afraid I’m going to try to get these to snapshot fairly rapidly since I’d like us to ship at least some of them in the next major upgrade; sorry for the short timescale…



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Just to say thank you very much to everyone who voted or commented on these proposals! I know it’s a lot of words, but it is important that we keep the rate of progress up.

The polls here were all positive (thank you!) so I’ve posted some votes in snapshot:

GP006 - desharding: Snapshot

GP007 - hybrid consensus: Snapshot

GP008 - active reward control:

GP009 - SSN updates:

please vote and thanks again for your attention!


Just a reminder that the above votes close tomorrow (14th Oct) - they’ve all passed pretty convincingly, but if you did want to register your vote, now’s the time!

Thank you again to all those who voted!