Changes to quorum and minimum SSN commission


The vote for #QmXCTSF (Snapshot) has now closed.

We got 49% of quorum (or nearly 10% of gZIL) voted, 75.78% for, 24.22% against. I think we’re now fairly confident that we’re not going to get a 20% quorum for any gZIL vote any time soon, and of those who did vote, it seems that there is a significant majority in favour of the proposition.

As such, I’m going to prepare some patches to ZIP-12 and to snapshot to implement the change of quorum and we’ll implement the 4% minimum SSN commission.

This post is to:

(1) Say that that’s happening, and, given that this is a fairly big change, to remind readers out there that if you feel strongly that we shouldn’t do this, now is a good time to start a discussion on reverting/undoing/modifying these changes in the “Proposals” section and we can then vote on that (if you don’t have 30 gZIL, let me know and I’m happy to post any reasonable proposal to governance for you).

(2) Mention that there were a number of good suggestions put forward in the discussion thread on this which we’ll be looking to take forward in a series of votes (now that we can have them and have some decent chance of getting quorum!) with the aim, among other things, of clarifying what is and isn’t subject to governance, introducing gZIL delegation, introducing moving quorums (so that if people do vote, the quorum can then increase again), and ensuring that where we don’t implement the results of a vote, we at least provide a justification for not doing so. Watch this space…


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