GP009: Minor updates to SSNs


Proposal GP009 presents several minor but important updates to Staked Seed Nodes (SSNs). These amendments, encompassing modifications to the staking contract, aim to accommodate non-delegating staking nodes and monitor SSN participation in consensus. These changes, including the approved minimum commission rate and the ability for partial reward claims, are designed to streamline staking operations and enhance the network’s security and efficiency.


There are several niggles that have arisen in the way SSNs are governed; we would like to fix them.


We propose some modifications to the staking contract to:

  1. Monitor which SSNs have opted in or out of participating in consensus to facilitate the execution of the mechanism outlined in section II of this proposal. In order to support a future migration, administrators will have the ability to override individual SSNs if they fail to opt-in or need to be forcibly removed due to issues with consensus.

  2. Accommodate non-delegating staking nodes, in response to requests received. These SSNs have permissioned delegation (primarily Zilliqa itself), do not earn rewards, have a commission rate of 0 and contribute to network security free of charge.

For transparency, we will also amend the staking contract to enforce the already approved 4% minimum commission rate and provide the ability to partially claim rewards, aiding those who might otherwise deplete their gas - the former measure has already been approved; the latter is a bug fix and thus falls outside the remit of governance.

  • For - fix the staking contract.
  • Against - leave the bugs as they are.
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This topic has been up for > 3d and has 92% (which I think is 12?) votes for, and 8% against, so posting an official poll at:

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