Gzil having the voting rights on new project launches

Hi all

Finally discovered this place! FAR TOO HIDDEN imo. Nice to finally join you all :blush:

So I’ve been thinking (I apologise now) it would be great if Gzil could play a part in voting in new projects into the system. I think being a governance token for the system as a whole, a level of community management of the project launches would be a nice touch. I’d suggest that holders are automatically set on approve and the overall power of community could be 55% and devs (powers that be) 45%. There by if the community are really against the project it could be vetoed (the idea is that 99% of the time they’d go through).

As an added benefit by voting them through Gzil holders could get a % of transaction fees generated by the coin in the first day/week of launch.

This doesn’t have to be for the venture fund directly but I do think if their is a governance token there should be some control over projects being launched. The fee suggestion was just an idea of increasing the passive income of GZIL.

To be clear I am not saying that Gzil will serve as a launchpad because I do not think the devs would agree (if you do then let’s make it a launchpad haha) but I do think Gzil holders having a vote would serve a strong purpose for the utility of the token, this is my compromise suggestion.

I would love to hear people’s opinions on this.
Thanks all