Proposal Guidelines for ZWAP

This is in response to some of the community panicking about the current ZWAP proposal. I think we should have some clear guidelines moving forward for any governance portal that gets introduced. For example there is currently a proposal on ZWAP portal and it does not list the “For” or “Against”. Frankly it does not follow ZIP-12 guidelines. So how can we prevent something like this moving forward?

We should consider creating clear guidelines for any new portal that gets introduced before any proposals can be brought to the table.

Another thing I want to bring to your attention is if there was a cooldown period where people can digest and talk about the proposal. Sort of how a bill gets introduced, and discussed in politics before it can be voted on. So for example:

  1. A proposal goes live in the portal.
  2. A timeframe where the button will be disabled, so the community can discuss the ramifications of such proposal. All proposals in each and every single portal must list both sides of the argument.
  3. Voting goes live, and the community starts voting.

Another reason why I think we need to implement a cooldown period is that Zilliqa is a global effort, so there are many language or knowledge barriers the community has to go through before a proposal can be fully understood.

What are your thoughts on this?

Proposal: Snapshot


Yes…This is an excellent idea and creates some guidelines and order in the process!!! People shouldn’t just be able to create proposals that may adversely affect the Zilliqa Ecosystem!!!

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Great Idea. We need to be more organized about how voting works. The current Lightning liquidity proposal really opened my eyes to this.
How can we go about implementing this change?

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What I was thinking is that any new governance channel needs to have a proper guidelines before a proposal is introduced. The guidelines in question must be discussed by the community. We have many different channels for discussion (these forums, discord, telegram, and reddit). Then the guidelines in question needs to be put on the specified governance portal. Once the cooldown is over, the community can then vote. We should also have a template for any future guidelines must follow (as in listing both side of the arguments). Then the proposals that gets introduced must follow said guidelines. If a proposal is on one of the portal channels, it is then subjected to the same cooldown period.

I do not know if we should consider having our votes delegated as well, these delegators must be publicly verified and work in the best interest of their constituents Just like how in the United States we have representatives in the House (notice how I am not mentioning the senate).