Zilliqa Website Updates


This proposal is meant to be a example of how the Governance Token GZil is applied to Govern the ecosystem other then just being a trading pair to Zil. Along with getting community involvement through voting on making the ecosystem a better place for all token holders.


This proposal is to test if Governance on Zilliqa works, with a very simple request for the community to vote on getting the zilliqa.com website updated. Mainly the About Us page, as we all know that Collin Miles is no longer the CCO of Zilliqa and to put Ben Livshits on the page since he is the new CEO of Zilliqa.


The current problem is the lack of use of the Governance Token Gzil between Zilliqa community. There are announcements on social platforms, but none of these announcements seem to reflect on the actual website (Zilliqa.com). There is a Governance Token that is not being utilized and this would be a easy proposal to see if Gzil is valid.


Gzil is the Governance Token to vote on changes in the ecosystem. With a simple proposal that is easily understood by most and can be accomplished through html, css, etc. A website update would show that the team is staying up to date with all internal affairs as well. This could be the proposal to show that Governance on Zilliqa is possible through the use of the Token Gzil.





Hello! New website will be launched this month with a governance page explaining clearly how people can participate.