Governance Portal accessibility using Ledger

I have my Zils in a Ledger Nano wallet. I just tried to access the governance portal. I see that it is accessible through Zilpay, but I did not see any option to connect Ledger.
Is Zilpay the only way to access the governance portal? Meaning I would have to transfer my GZil to Zilpay to vote or access the Governance Portal?
Any help is appreciated.

Here’s a guide:

Thank you so much. Ok, I already successfully connected the Ledger through Zilpay.
Sorry to bother you again, but now I can not find the link to enter the Governance Portal. Could you kindly pass me that link?
Your help is highly appreciated. :hugs:

Nevermind, how foolish of me :upside_down_face:
I am already there, just is not clear where do I go for voting.
Thank you.

Just voted for the transaction fee issue.
That was my whole purpose here today. I must say the interface is a little not clear.
Thanks again!

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