Discussion for the naming of Zilliqa's Curated Art Marketplace

Hey everyone, Kenneth from Zilliqa Marcom here.

This discussion is set up to gather ideas for the naming of Zilliqa’s curated art marketplace. The marketplace will bring several benefits to gZIL holders that we will reveal later on, utilisation of gZIL as a means of voting for featured pieces and the inception of a creatorDAO that will curate pieces from the marketplace.

The curated art marketplace will be a cornerstone for Zilliqa’s push to being the top blockchain for the creator economy, onboarding both creators and curators. We are leaving it up for gZIL holders to decide on the name of the marketplace. The top 3 replies with the most likes in this discussion (with the potential names of the marketplace) will then be put through a snapshot vote where gZIL holders can finally decide on which name we will settle on for the marketplace.

For reference here’s the blog article that covers the scope of this task as well as what’s to come for the marketplace:

and the marketplace

Hope to hear some of your interesting ideas here!



I am excited about this and came up with 3 ideas for consideration.

“Beyond Exhibit (BE)” - Who you want to BE!

The word BE itself is deeply powerful especially when we throw the word “metaverse” causally around. When you enter the true METAVERSE, you want to BE truly who you WANT to be! Also, it’s one syllabus and sounds catchy.

“The Epic Centre Homage (TECH)” - Honouring those who dare to take the leap

Basically, making the acronym TECH and giving glory for those who step beyond their comfort zone to create ART without FEAR of judgment. Respect to true creators!

“Omega Momento” - When you think it’s the last letter of them all, there’s more to it

There are A-Z in alphabets and Alpha to Omega in the greek letters. What this space does is go beyond the human perception of Z (more than ZIL) and Omega (more than the last letters). Perceive beyond the reality and delve into the deep of realization what “ART” really means.

Appreciate feedback as well. Thanks!


I’d propose names more or less related to the space.

  • ZilkyWay

  • AndromedaZ

  • LynZ

  • ZPieces


Hey guys will have a think on this, sounds good. Initial thought was “Gallery” as I think that it fits well and we could make a play on the GZIL logo to link the two.


Another thought, more directly linked to the project - a play on the word easel.

Eazil - a key tool in any artists arsenal.

Edit* could further be adjusted to EZIL! :blush:



How about …ZilliqArt? :thinking:

Ziltrix. La unión de Zilliqa y Matrix

Internally we did bounce around some ideas for what would be good names for the marketplace before figuring that we should leave this to gZIL holders to decide and vote:

  • HauZ
  • NFTHauz
  • Zenith
  • Metahaus

Will let this discussion run for two weeks and then consolidate the list of highly-liked comments and put it through a snapshot vote!


i really like AndromedaZ. Honestly don’t want to see another Zil named theme as there are just too many of them. Needs to stand out.


Love this!

My ideas:

"The Gallerie Z"
My thinking is we shouldnt be limiting ourselves to permutations with ‘zil’ in it (too obvious). Also if you imagine this marketplace existed in the zil metaverse, what kind of building would it look like? If we’re looking at “curation”, “photography”, “digital art”, I think like what someone else said, a permutation of “The Gallery” would be appropriate, hence “Gallerie” with a nod to zilliqa’s name, so “The Gallerie Z”. Going for simple elegance, timelessness, think marble steps, huge columns, and a stone carving of the words “Gallerie Z” greeting you on the steps.

"The Lattice"
Perhaps a bit more “techy”, but conceptually we’re talking about the linking of all the players in the world of art, linking them one link at a time like a lattice, to people all around the world. Not just bringing finance to the masses, but bringing art and culture to those who would normally not have access. Thinking of its existence in the zil metaverse, a mind bending reality. The facade can literally be the zilliqa logo but in lattice form, pulsating neon-teal hues that can be seen in the distance. When you step in, the world becomes like the video game ‘portal’, we play on the idea of the lattice, individual rooms and halls connected by corridors going in 3D space.


RembrandtZ is the first thing that came up so I’ll share it with you just for free❤️

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  • Zilplace
  • Zillaplace

Good Morning,

I would suggest something simple.

  1. The Bazaar
  2. The Emporium
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It’s simple yet it carries a lot of meaning.


Zilk Road or The Zilk Road (hit like if you resonate!) :heart:

Nothing fancy. Super intuitive name. Little to no education required. Super easy to remember. That’s key.

“The Silk Road was a network of trade routes connecting China and the Far East with the Middle East and Europe . … Although it’s been nearly 600 years since the Silk Road has been used for international trade, the routes had a lasting impact on commerce, culture and history that resonates even today “ - History.com


Great idea but Zilkroad is being developed already by the Zilduck team. @zilkroad_dex


I believe “Untitled” would resonate amongst creators.

“Live Untitled”

Live as in recording live

Please reserve the right to choose the perfect name if we miss the mark

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I remember reading a science fiction novel which featured a spaceship that functioned as an unregulated trading hub. Its name was 'caveat emptor‘. I purpose a dao trading non fungible merchandise might also be deserving of this name. However it might be a more appropriate name for a non curated dao based marketplace tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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