gZIL as DAO (and more) for Zilliqa Metaverse: "Metapolis"

I had an idea about a possible use for gZIL so I collected my english lessons and tried to express my strange idea to hear what you think.

gZIL is currently being used as a DAO on the Zilliqa blockchain and this is an indisputably important role.
If my research is correct, gZIL should also be used on DeFi services on Torch soon, a project by Ignite DAO. I think this project is very healthy for gZIL as it could considerably increase its use and therefore its demand.

Now, the current narrative are “NFTs” and the “Metaverse”.
Zilliqa has currently dropped a fantastic gem. It’s Metaverse: “Metapolis”.

Why not use gZIL as DAO also on “Metapolis”?
This would allow to increase the usefulness of gZIL, giving the possibility to the hodlers to vote also for the changes and updates on the ZIlliqa Metaverse.

It could also be implemented (if the Zilliqa Team deems it is technically possible) as a “like” / “dislike” button on all Metapolis’ NFTs:

  • decor items
  • clothes
  • cars
  • music
  • and so on…

While you looking an object a pool appears and you can vote if you like the NFT or not thanks to a snapshot of your gZIL balance.
It could be nice and very interactive for the community.
This mechanism could then be linked to the price of the NFT itself: likes/dislike ratio decreases = the NFT price increases | like/dislike ratio increases = the NFT price decreases.

It could then be represented when you visualize the object in the metaverse as a kind of pool with:
Like: amount gZIL
Dislike: amount gZIL
Tot. sharing: amount %

Like = total gZIL balance of “like” voters;
Dislike: total gZILs balance of “dislike” voters;
Tot. sharing: percentage of the total gZIL balance of the voters compared to the total gZIL balance of the wallets registered on Metapolis (inhabitants).
(It should be a “live” count that changes according to inhabitants’ gZIL balance).

Total gZIL of Matapolis’ inhabitants (Metapolis’ Vote Power): 382.7k gZIL
While I am exploring the metaverse I see a car, it is beautiful, I approach it and a pool appears:
Ferrari SF90 (Carl’s Car)
Like: 38.7k gZIL (96.75%)
Dislike: 1.3k gZIL (3.25%)
Metapolis’ sharing: 10.45%
:sunglasses: :laughing:

You could use quadratic voting or another form, but I don’t know about this, the technical part is for those who deeply understand it, and here I leave it to the brains of Zilliqa. If it can be interesting and if it can be possible…

It was not easy to post this idea. I hope you like it.

Thank you.


Thanks for opening the discussion. Perhaps is best to keep this going as more information about gZIL and its role in Metapolis will be public which will help the conversation going and see how gZIL can be used.

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