We need a Zilliqa News Messenger App

This thread is for the Zilliqa team …We need a centre point of communication from Zilliqa team about all its projects…I just found out about CVI …it was from a friend on twitter…totally random and I’m proposing either a dedicated mobile zilliqa app or integrate a News and Projects tab on Moonlet and zilPay mobile when launched

The company is growing exponentially which is great …but to feel how big its growing …users need a single point where all Zilliqas communications with the public are first released at and where anyone interested about the company can know about all its projects in 5 min all from a single user interface like a personalized Zilliqa Messenger News App or dedicated News and Projects tab on moonlet …This would be read only and maybe for polling…Then using twitter/youtube/FB reinforces that message…

For example where do users store their zil/gzil token …option a ) desktop…b) hardware like trezor/nano…c ) mobile …this would help the team to gauge how users are using the zil ecosystem before launching products …this info will help teams prioritize how the products should be launched

currently the way all the projects are being communicated with the public seem scattered …almost like we have to wait for Blockchain andy to discover what zilliqa is up to …lol.

The marketing & advertising team should have seen what I am pointing out here and communicated this to the development & design team introducing communication infrastructure apps like the one suggested in this post .

As a result of not having a single user interface experience in communicating with the public …certain projects that are being launched are not getting noticed and the attention is getting scattered…Like liquidity mining or the governance …the users thought process needs to be funneled down to a point .

This Topic comes from being both passionate about the project and the company…The company and all the teams are doing an amazing job


I was actually thinking the same thing today a decentralised messaging app…possibly not just for Zilliqa communications though! Like a decentralised twitter.

But in the interim an integration into Moonlet would be the bomb.


The Ocean Protocol has a Telegram channel that is closed for view only where they post any news and announcement. I find this quite powerful.

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Hi! We do have an announcement channel on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @zilliqa.

The MarComm team is working on a new website to replace the current. This will take some time as we re-adjust the content. There will be a pages dedicated to BaaS, Developers, Ecosystem, and Community.