Moonlet Staking through CEX.IO - safe?

Good morning Zillionares (or future ones),

I stake through Moonlet. In natural course of trying to find the lowest commission rate, I notice CEX.IO currently at 0%. Nice. Smart way to attract capital for them…however, is this something others in the community would advise to do?

I ask because I would never leave coins in an exchange vs. a wallet otherwise.
I wonder if the same risks exists (total loss due to hack) when staking on CEX.IO.


This is different because it’s a smart contract holding your funds. The risk is if their node fails to perform and you don’t get all the potential rewards. As far as I understand. Also their fee was raised 1% recently.

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On Moonlet, it still reads 0%. But, ViewBlock still reads 1.9999% because the date of increase is not until February. I wonder if CEX.IO is the same (showing 0% in interim).

Where did you see that 1% announcement? Can you share?

Can anyone else confirm if, “because it’s a smart contract holding the funds,” that the risk of total loss is not the same as an exchange getting hacked and hackers stealing coins?

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