Minumum zil for staking (or concessions to low volume stakers)

wanted to start the dicsussion here first…

the amount of support queries that run through the telegram channels is absolutely insane with people in the following categories;

  1. they have staked so little, that the fees are more than the reward they get.
  2. no warnings or safeguards that they dont stake almost everything, meaning they get in a situation that they cannot then claim rewards.

what this does, is has a large amount of people unhappy with the current system, and bad word of mouth is something that I think we could solve with this.

my proposal is something like the following;

  • Dont allow people to stake with under 10,000 zil. or if you do allow it, make some concession of the fees they need to pay.
  • some sort of safeguard so there is always zils left over for fees for claiming rewards. maybe the above solves both?

I would like to start a discussion on ways similar to what im thinking - what does everyone else think?


My personal take is that restricting people may not be the best idea. But rather, educating people the potential cost will be a better route. Better UI or staking calculator can give user the right information for them to decide whether they want to stake or not.

The same can be for leftover ZIL. I believe most staking UI either block or warn the user of the min fees.

For the concession of fess, unfortunately, that is something not possible. Every smart contract interaction will incur gas fees and this is part of the protocol. If there is a mechanism to get discounted fees, it will be subjected to abuse as the protocol has to be open to every smart contract out there and everyone will want to go for cheap gas.

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yea fully agree with all of that - i expected it would be the case re: abuse and had no real answer to it - i was just thinking of ways to not get a lot of unhappy people that talk poorly of zil.

Thanks for the reply though!

Is there a way to claim the gas from the reward itself? Like a function in the smart contract to substract gas fees from reward and send to wallet.

This will not be possible. Gas are deduct as smart contract operation are executed line by line. It will not be possible to look into the future and deduct the gas upfront from the claim.

Good idea to not allow a stake deposit = to their account balance less a certain amount so to leave a fixed reserve, let’s say 25 ZIL.