Adding to Stake Increases Blocks to Next Reward

Every time I increase my “Total Deposits” balance by staking additional ZIL, the “Blocks Until Rewards” goes UP.

That is, it moves the goalpost back and I miss out on the rewards I would have gotten on the balance already there before the new staking deposit.

The contract seems to see the ENTIRE deposit balance as new, and imposes the initial waiting period to the entire balance, not just proportionally to the new additional ZIL that was added to the stake.

Last night, I refreshed as the Blocks Until Rewards got lower and to 1. Then it reset to 1800, and NO NEW rewards were given. This has happened multiple times in just 9 days of staking. Is this a bug? Why are rewards not being issued?

Again, another 1800 blocks passed today and the reward was not granted. Is anyone concerned?

I see what you are saying in theory but have not noticed it myself. Interesting and nice catch if correct. I wonder if @Snowsledge can help ?

Resolved. Browser cache issue. All’s well. Carry on.