GZIL Updates - Roadmap

A request to the Zilliqa team to provide information on the future of GZIL


The community have heard nothing about gZIL for months now. It was not even mentioned despite having a very limited use case AND being Zilliqa’s governance token. If something is in the works, please let us know. If something can only be announced at a future date, please let us know. For instance, an announcement about increased utility to be announced in Q4. Remaining silent for so long is just poor form and an embarrassment to Zilliqa.

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My prediction of what will happen :
I know that this a cynical reaction, but what can you expect after so many questions on information without even the attempt to provide an answer. Disrespectful to most of the long-term hodlers of Gzil. No one in charge = no one responsible = no one accountable.

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I agree. Zilliqa is betraying most dedicated Zilliqan’s who looked forward in participating in blockchain future and well being. Just pure embarrassment.