Unstaking time not consistent ; causes?

I have just noticed that it has been 14 days since I tried to unstake some of my stake from CEX pool and it is only max 60% complete.

I think last time a few months ago it too 2 weeks from either Zillacracy or Moonlet pools.

Any ideas, could it be the pool making it go slow or ZIL network?

For the record; I also think there should be options for unstaking time vs rewards; and ability to pay fees to unstake quicker. I can foresee that Institutional cartels could utilize tools like chainalysis to game the system with pump and dumps; knowing when liquidity will become available through mainstream FOMO unstakes. Variable periods and quick-unstake penalties could minimise the effects for Bankster types gaming Joe public.

And to further erode my confidence in this locked-staking structure, transferring to a different pool failed telling me I only have …the excact amoutn which I am actually trying to transfer since I used Max button.

So instead I unstaked the rest and this also fails. Thank god I am finding this out now while I have time to escape.

FYI, after receiving an error for both transferring stake and then Unstaking ; I decided to try connect my ledger to Moonlet wallet on my phone and was able to transfer stake to ShardPool.

Next I will wait one or 2 days and try to unstake and time it against the remainder of my CEX unstake period and also my friend who is unstaking from CEX today (yes, would have been better if we did at the same time) .

It is based on the number of blocks, not the wall clock.

The 2 weeks is an estimation. If the block generation on-chain is slower, due to various reason, this can impact wall clock time to complete withdrawal

When transferring stake from a node operator to another. If you are not transferring the full amount, you need to ensure, you still have sufficient min stake at this current operator. Our ZIP-11 clearly stated that you will need to have at least 10 $ZIL min stake delegated to your node operator

Thanks. I guessed this would be the case; but it is odd such slowdown would occur as it would suggest the ZIL network is already congested or overloaded despite advertised strenghts making it comparabile with Ethereum2.0 , Polkadot, COsmos or Cardano.

It wasn’t a congestion issue for the past weeks. In fact, our gas pricer has not been kick in since genesis, but rather we faced some technical issues causing some nodes to get out of sync.

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I had 1M left in CEX and unstaked 0.5M from CEX; but yes perhaps the node sync issue was the problem.

I moved the other 1M to a different pool (Shardpool), then unstaked all to experiment with unstake timing myself against the CEX…but now it shows the whole 1.5M tokens unstaking from scratch which I didn’t ecpect; especially since both amounts were being unstakes from different pools at different times.