Staking update to a Contract based approach

Update current staking plan to a more attractive and fair model either for ZIL and GZIL token holders.

I propose to shift the current staking Zilliqa model into a combination of fixed-term and flexible-term options contracts.
In this model you would be able to choose from different staking contracts where for different fixed-term or flexible-term options you would obtain different APYs as for example 3 months locking period 5%, 6 months 12% and so on…
The flexible-term would not force locking period but would only give a 1% APY or so.
The % could be also variable based on the tier of Zilliqa supporter as for example the number of GZIL held. If more than X then you get a boost on APY of plus x%.

Staking reinforcement of the current contract would not affect the current contract, meaning that you can continue to accumulate your staked amount under the current fixed-term period.

If you decide to terminate the fixed term period for any reason before it is finished the total amount earned in that fixed contract duration is distributed to GZIL holders as a penalty.

These conditions would make ZIL network more secure and predicable and would also bring value and purpose for the GZIL holders making it a win win situation.


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