Refund Failed Transaction Fees?

Hi guys, what do you think if we create a proposal to have failed transaction fees to be refunded?
It can only do good for mass adoption of Zilliqa blockchain!
Loads of people are complaining about ridiculous fees on Ethereum and are looking for alternatives.
The first thing they will look at on other blockchains will be the fee structure!

Currently, Zilliqa fees aren’t very transparent and if we assume the value of 1ZIL equal $1 than those fees will turn out to be very high and discouraging from adopting Zilliqa.

There should be a big incentive for people to use Zilliqa blockchain and fee structure is the key.


That’s not possible. If you refund failed txn fees, then the network can be DDOS easily.


In this case maybe introduce some form of active transaction notification or something that would prevent sending same transaction twice?

I have paid failed transaction fee. I have submitted same transaction twice as I have thought the first one didn’t go through because pending transaction notifcation did not show up.

That already exists. It is called a nonce. You can never submit 2 similar transactions at the same time.

I can send you txn Id. And you can see it for yourself.

I did, I mean one after another, and it wasn’t stopped. The transaction was submitted for the same order while original one was already pending. This transaction should not have been send to the network as there was no more funds available of the tokens submitted to swap as it was all sent during original transaction

Something is really wrong here, I have been charged twice for completing stake withdraw! there is a serious bug.

Problem is the zil is automatically burned. So where will the refund come from. Also as stated by others this creates vulnerability in the system.