Incentive for long term holders of GZiL


A weekly rewards based incentive for holding GZiL


If the proposal is passed then a rewards style bonus would begin for GZiL holders. This reward would be a % of your holdings. A daily snapshot would be taken & an average taken which the % awarded would be taken off. A number of variables exist… 1. How often the rewards are payable & 2. The % of the rewards.


It seems, to this amateur that there is a lot of flip flopping between tokens within LP pools etc & I feel this takes away quite a lot of the importance of what holding GZiL is meant to signify. This is THE most important Governance token in the entire crypto space in my noob opinion & I feel that actual long term proud owners should be rewarded for.his is the why of the ZIP. We may never get to mint the entire supply as the more people into the space the apy will naturaly go down so this will help to mint the entire supply but this proposal is mainly submitted to instill some pride to long term hold the most important governance token on the most important platform


This won’t be a high level overview of how the ZIP will solve the problem as I am just average Joe. However, daily snashots taken & then an average given which the % rewards would then go off! Again, 2 variables could be included in the conversation to be had 1. How often the rewards are distributed (Weekly / Monthly) & 2. What % the rewards should be 10%?




YES - Weekly 10%
YES - Monthly 10%

Zil is dying out because of crap updates that ruin the hashrate and huge fees for staking. I was here since beginning and have now decided to leave because its only getting worse. if theres no profits to be made then why stay? why place my expensive equipment and hard earned money on something that only bennifits the devs. I get it that things may get better after everything sorts out but do I really want to wait it out when there are so many other places to invest my time and money into. why do the rewards get lower and lower each passing day while eth stays relatively the same. why all the stales and low rewards. dont go blaming my equipment and my network. Those excuses only go so far.

Not quite sure what this has to do with the vote! Good luck with ETH rewards! Take care

No profits? Been a nice year to date. Peace.

Dividends from starter companies founded in Zillacracy. Like some successful s so far, stars will be born. And rewards should be in order for those who helped. Annual holder rewards for gZil.

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