Ethereum EVM Compatibility


To implement compatibility between EVM and Zilliqa so any Solidity programmer can deploy dapps instantly on Zilliqa.


Solidity is the most widely used programming language yet it’s not the most secure though devs want jobs and thus they are more motivated and compelled to write for larger adopted languages. A translator for Scilla would bring more devs to Zilliqa ecosystem. My background isn’t programming but feel free to correct this proposal.


Using scilla only is an disadvantage on the run for market share since solidity won’t go away on the next few years. This could boost the number of users of our ecosystem and kick start a network effect flywheel.


I am not tech savvy and I don’t know if it’s doable at all. So I encourage everyone to update and correct this proposal.




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This is a nice start to a discussion I was having with someone recently. There is a lack of DeFi products in Zilliqa. The issue is that Scilla as a language is still young and lacks support for many of the mathematical operations that is found in Solidity based contracts that are required for DeFi applications (like sushi, aave, bancor, etc…). There might be devs that are implementing the functionality as we speak, but it requires time and not everyone is a mathematical genius. Instead of a fully functioning EVM (because of security concerns), maybe Scilla can support calls to solidity based contracts. The bridge is coming and we are looking for new money to come into the ecosystem, let’s give them a reason to stay in this untapped market. As a community we need to figure what would be the best option and then scoping out the implementation of such a feature.


  1. The Scilla team divert their focus on implementing missing features and contract developers to implement the smart contracts to Gitcoin.


  • Features a built in natively into Scilla.


  • Will divert development focus.
  1. Support a fully functioning EVM so we can execute Solidity Contracts.


  • We can execute any Solidity based project directly on-chain thanks to the EVM


  • Could take a lot of time to implement
  • New language to learn for some
  • Now Zilliqans are exposed to Solidity specific bugs
  • Easier to hide code to exploit users
  1. Allow remote calls to Solidity Contracts (which could be hosted on polygon, bsc, and or eth). Then you would have to pay the gas fees on those networks.


  • Added support


  • The same cons listed in part two

Also you need to fix the poll.


How do I fix the poll?
By the way the dev team told me this wasn’t feasible.

It all depends on what direction the team is looking to focus. What would be great is if they launched a campaign to introduce the missing features natively.


This will not be easily implemented and practically, the amount of changes to the core protocol will be very very massive and very disruptive to the core protocol as a whole.

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Thanks. Jun
I am not programming savvy and I thought that perhaps there could be a way of bringing eth devs to our ecosystem. On the other side that could make scilla a very well known language if the community keeps building like it is since I am aware that the team is pushing several scilla learning programs. The work has to be done around educational institutions and universities.

One of our current main approaches is to target developers via hackathon and our ZILHive initiative. One the past 1 year, I have seen Zilliqa from almost 0 token projects risen to many projects as seen on

Also, there are many good quality projects from the hackathon and ZilHive incubator that can further progress onto the grants or accelerator stages and the Zilliqa ecosystem team is currently looking after them and giving them the proper guidance.

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Recently Amrit tweeted about some new upcoming projects, if I remember correctly, from India. In fact it’s becoming more and more exciting everyday. And like you said, to see it grow from zero to the present ecosystem is very thrilling.
Perhaps we are all just impatient to see it all bloom and we want more of everything.
I rest my EVM case right here. :+1:

It is better to spend these resources on educating people to use scilla. EVM is important, but Solidity itself is not the best, and the amount of rug pull we see in ETH or BSC confirms that. I would suggest to @junhaotan that we need visual programming like DYNAMO for scilla, where programmers can see what they are programming. Also, we need support for the Hyperledger project similar to Hyperledger BURROW., which help Hyperledger communicate with EVM. Hyperledger is the most important enterprise-grade blockchain solution, and Zilliqa should consider developing the communication module to interact with it.

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I totally support those ideas.
The WYSIWYG for Scilla would be outstanding.

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