1-2 day unbonding period for GZIL holders

To give GZIL some utility without giving GZIL utility, I propose the idea of giving GZIL holders of at least 10 GZIL, the right to a 1-2 day unbonding period.

GZIL supply = 560,000

560,000 / 10 = 56,000 wallets capable of 1-2 unbonding.

Now I say “1-2 day unbonding period” loosely.

In code, it would be something similar to

A: “4,400 blocks.”
B: “2,200 Blocks” + “the rest of the current cycles block cycle”

option A, would be a straight 2 day version of this proposal.

option B, would be a more in depth based version of this proposal.

option C, same as A or B + an additional 1,000 zil network fee.


Sounds interesting, i would recommended making a poll.

It’s very interesting

Maybe a bit higher like 50-100gZIL/staker, considering the current price. Later it can always be modified through proposal if gZIL price changes.

Another possibility is that you must own 10%-15% of the equivalent value you want to unstake in gZIL (for the right of 2 days unbounding period).

Make a proposal with pool!

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I have made more in depth proposal regarding gzil and unstaking. Make sure to vote: