The EU consideration to ban PoW cryptocurrencies

Zilliqa uses a modified version of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol to order and validate transactions. Certainly it use far less energy than BTC transaction but in case of banning PoW crypto, I think that, all PoW assets will be in the same basket. So, what should Zilliqa team do to prevent banning from EU? Is there any suggestions about this topic?

Considerations are nothing more than considerations. Like in the usa, a Bill Proposal by a Representative. They “Propose” preposterous things all the time that never go anywhere.

I think the EU is just trying to impose their own views on the world. They’re trying to ban PoW because they don’t understand that PoW is necessary for security and that it’s not a waste of energy.

They see it as a threat to the environment, but I don’t think that’s true either. You can use renewable energy sources like solar or wind power in order to make sure that the PoW doesn’t harm the environment at all.