Reduce total ZIL by a factor of 10?

With ZIL’s supply being what it is now, each step in ZIL/BTC is somewhat big.
i.e. each tick in the ZIL/BTC ends up moving the per-dollar price quite a bit.

If you make a good trade / make a bad trade, you are either immediately on-side or off-side by quite a bit, and will likely move the ZIL/STABLE price quite a bit.

at the current price, each btc microtick of 0.00000001.
0.00000001 / 0.00000150 (current price) = 0.667% per tick.

typically there’s also a chance whereby 1 trading level is empty, which means that there is a range of 3 ticks will mean a price fluctuation of ~2%. that’s seems like quite a lot to me.

That said, I wonder if having less ZIL will actually encourage more people to trade the ZIL/BTC pair, so instead of 0.00000150 ZIL/BTC, if the total amount of zils is reduced by 10, at least the denominator becomes 0.00001500, which allows people to trade at an error rate of ~0.2%. that seems better to me, at least there’s a choice.

what are your thoughts?

ZIL is meant for large amount at 21 billion to encourage users to circulate usage. ADA is double and working fine as intended. If you want a store of value, get #gZil instead and we hope there are gZil/btc pairs on exchanges. But these are 1 man’s opinion.

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