Onchain Lending

There’s no shortage of lenders, but, none that I trust not to cut and run if the digested food hits the fan.
So, why no on chain decentralized lending protocol using Zil, or, any zil based asset as collateral?

being able to collateralize staked zil, while its staked, letting you have your cake and eat it too!

Imagine a utopia that facilitated staking returns paying down a loan backed against staked zil, that still allowed you to shop or trade or whatever, all without the risk of someone doing a runner with your collateral. immediateley tradeable tokens that represented staked zil where those tokens got auto swapped for zil as soon as it was unbonded, with that process commencing the seccond those representative tokens leave the account of the staked zil it represents.

Who do I have to speak to to be able to create such a dapp, or, have it built into the core function of zil to facilitate?

I feel like this kind of functionality would solidify the amount of staked zil and attract many more users looking to mitigate risk dealing with loan parties that they have to trust off chain still acting as old fashioned banks. intermediatary free, collateralised on chain, smartcontract protected lending needs to be the new norm